International United Cloud Dance Competition (IUCDC) 2022 2nd is an international dance platform. In a completely new way, this competition will provide dance lovers around the world with a variety of stages to express themselves and realize their dreams. In addition to selecting and nurturing newcomers, the organizing committee of the competition will provide support for specific items of funds, have potential dance trainees deepen their knowledge by studying abroad, and provide more scholarships and services to the award winners. We are preparing. The judges of this competition and the judges of the qualifying are composed of veterans who have a uniform worldwide recognition in the dance world. We hope that more children will express their confidence and broaden their horizons on the international stage while at the same time gaining a deeper knowledge of dance and having a good harvest.

A new form of video-based international dance competition!

All 3 competitions: Dance competition, dance video work, dance picture

◎Dance contests are all seven categories
1. Ballet
2. Chinese dance
3. Contemporary dance, Lyrical Dance
4. World Folk Dance
5. Ballroom Dance International Style (Standard, Latin Dance)
6. Dance sports
(Street dance: rockin/poppin/breaking/hip hop/reggae/clamp/wack/jazz dance, cheerleading, physical exercise)
7. International salsa dance
All genres are divided into solo, 2-person, 3-person, and group formations.

◎Dance video work (All genres of 1-7 above are possible)
1. Original choreography
2. Original video work with the theme of dance
(Various video works related to dance such as animation) The contents are focused on newness.

◎Dance photo (All genres of 1-7 above are possible)
Anyone who likes dance and art can participate!
(Various dance clothes, hair ornaments, dancing figures, bodies, hands, legs, stage, stage tools, backgrounds, dance classes, outdoors, etc.) Place the weight.