International adviser

Noboru Noguchi(JAPAN)

Adviser and Former Director-General of the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan, Adviser of the World Federation of UNESCO Associations (WFUCA) and Adviser of the Asian Federation of UNESCO Associations (AFUCA); Professor Emeritus of Bunkyo Gakuin University

Kimio Nosaka(JAPAN)

Chairman, President Japan Contemporary Dance Association, Japan Standing Secretary at the Artist Conference

Hirohisa Toda(JAPAN)

Chairman President of the Japan Music sports Dance Federation,Chairman, President Asian Aerobics Association (ADF),Guangdong People's Foreign Friendship Association Overseas Director

Mayumi Watanabe(JAPAN)

She was a dance critic, editor-in-chief of the On-Stage Newspaper, and served as members of the Japan Agency for Cultural Affairs and the Foundation for the Promotion of Arts and Culture.

Naomi Moriyama(JAPAN)

Director, International Ballet Academy, Deputy Director of the International Ballet Academy Ballet, Vice-Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee of the IUCDC Convention


Secretary General of Shanghai International Dance Center Development Foundation, Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai International Ballet Competition


Professor Xu Ding zhong, former vice-president of the Beijing Dance Academy, is the principal disciple, director of the Ballet Art Committee of the Chinese Society for the Arts.


Deputy director of Macau Dance Association, Artistic director, Macau Youth Dance Company, National class-A actor, Excellent young dancer


President of the Hu Yuanlin Charitable Fund


Professor, Beijing Dance Academy, Vice-Chief, Ballet Arts Committee, China Social Arts Association.


Formerly a principal performer of the Shanghai Ballet Company, Current Director of the Ballet School at Zhejiang Conservatory, Excellent Mentoring Teacher Award from the Ministry of Culture of China and Outstanding Mentoring Teacher Award from the Youth Professional Group of the Canadian Festival of Ballet, Shanghai Outstanding Talent Teacher Awar


Chairman of Beijing Lewei Creative Education Technology Co., Ltd.,Founder of Shengshidong Ballet Art Center,China National Class One Actor,Served as the principal dancer of the National Ballet of China,China National Class One Actor,Winner of 3 Outstanding Actors in China

Tursynbek Nurkaliyev(Kazakhstan)

Director of Kazakhstan National Ballet Company

Kaie Korb(Estonia)

Director of Tallinn National Ballet School

Vasim Posarev(Ukraina)

Director of Donetsk National Ballet Company

Ricardo Cue(Spain)

Director of Spain National Dance Company

Margherita Parrilla(Italy)

Director of Rome Ballet Academy

Evelyn Teri(Austria)

Former Director of Wien National Ballet School

Roland Borker(Hungary)

Director of Nureyev International Ballet Competition

Jae Hong Park(Korea)

President of Korea Ballet Association

Nam Kyu Cho(Korea)

President of Korea Dance Association

Lee Hae Jun(Korea)

President of Korea Modern Dance Association