Content of Competition


1.ll athletes must strictly adhere to the management regulations of the Games Organizing Committee.
2.Dancers from all countries and regions are welcome to participate.

◆Classification by competition age

Target: Ballet / Chinese dance / Contemporary dance,Lyrical dance / World folk dance / Social dance International style / Dance sports / International salsa dance
Pre-Junior (A) Born September 30, 2012-September 29, 2014 (Age: 6-7 years)
Pre-Junior (B) Born September 30, 2010-September 29, 2012 (Age: 8-9 years)
Pre-Junior (C) Born September 30, 2008-September 29, 2010 (Age: 10-11 years)
Junior (A) Born September 30, 2005-September 29, 2008 (Age: 12-14 years)
Junior (B) Born September 30, 2002-September 29, 2005 (Age: 15-17 years)
Senior (A) Born September 30, 1989-September 29, 2002 (Age: 18-30)
Senior (B) Person born before September 29, 1989 (Age 31 years or older, no upper limit)

Dance video work (All genres of 1-7 above are possible)

1.Original choreography
2.Original video work with the theme of dance(No age difference)

◆Dancing drawing (all genres 1-7 above are possible)

Please submit the contest exhibit after shooting high quality images.
※2 players can be of the same age or of different ages. You may also dance with a partner who is not participating in the competition. The two-participant format is similar to the individual participation format, with each person being individually scored.
※Grouped players will be evaluated by the entire dance organization they participated in. The group division of dance sports is divided into four groups: elementary school students, junior high school students, high school students, and adults.


Event period: November 10, 2020 - December 22, 2020
November 8: Application closed (worldwide)
November 18: List of all participants announced. /Each section qualifying
December 1: Finalists announced
December 16: Finals of each division
December 22:Announcement of winners
*Note: The above schedule may change depending on the number of participants.

◆Time rules for all dance performances

Solo player within 3minutes
2 person formation within 4minutes (Note: Ballet pairs should be within 10 minutes)
3 person organization, group organization within 5minutes
Select music freely in each department.
All contemporary dance must be made after 2010.

◆Regulations regarding participation order and shooting

1 Participants will participate in the order of age. If it is a pair formation, follow the order of participation of women.
2 Please shoot the movie in home,a theater, dance classroom or large area. You can shoot mainly in dance, move left and right, and zoom in and out.
3 Please make sure that the video is from January 30, 2019 to November 8, 2020, participated in the rehearsal, match.
4 Please shoot all works sideways. The file size should not exceed 100M.
5 Participants can choose to wear a function costume or show costume,Must need makeup.
6 Full nude shows are banned.
7 All countries of the world, regions, awarded contestants can go straight to the final.

◆About music

For music copyright issues, please resolve by yourself.


1 The members of the competition invite internationally renowned people in the dance world as judges. Auditors will comply with the various rules established by the committee.
2 The judges will be different for the qualifying and the final.
3 The evaluation standard is 100 points.
4 Depending on the rules of the Judging Committee, there may be multiple winners in the competition, or there may be no winners.
5 The final decision will be made by the Judging Committee.

◆Award Ceremony and Award

1. After the final, the Competition Organizing Committee will announce the list of all winners (entry number, name, award number) on the website to prevent falsehood.

2. Winners of the tournament will receive an electronic version of the certificate, signed by all judges.

3. The Competition Organizing Committee will provide scholarships to outstanding athletes, participate in large world competitions for free, or study abroad (eg exemption from examination fee and rent, short-term study abroad tuition etc.) .. These are decided by the organizing committees, dance associations, dance foundations and judges of each country. The Organizing Committee may announce on its website that the Organizing Committee will provide further scholarships and services to the winners. We plan to increase according to the situation at the site.

4. The competition has the following awards. Special Judge's Award, Best Male Player Award, Best Female Player Award, Gold Award, Silver Award, Bronze Award, Excellence Award, Expression Award, Best Classic Ballet Award, Best Contemporary Dance Award, Best Group Award, Excellent Educational Institution Award, Excellent Teacher Award, Best Choreography Award, Dance Video Work Award, Best Painting Award, Excellent City Award. (The number of awards will be decided by the Organizing Committee Judgment based on the competition results.)

5. The Organizing Committee will award prizes and diplomas to the winners. All finalists will be awarded a final participation certificate by the Organizing Committee. Taxes on player prizes will be deducted and paid on behalf of the Organizing Committee.

Prize money
If there are multiple winners, the prize will be divided according to the number of winners,If there is no qualifying party, the prize will be vacant. The Organizing Committee may offer additional scholarships and services to the winners. We plan to increase according to the situation at the site. All interpretations belong to the IUCDC International United Cloud Dance Competition Organizing Committee.

◆Competition participation fee

Solo, Pair Participation Fee: 11.000 Japanese Yen per person
Group dance 3 to 5 people Participation fee per person 8.800 Japanese Yen
Group dance 6 to 10 people Participation fee per person 7.700 Japanese yen
10 people or more participation fee per person 7.000 Japanese yen

●Rhythm dance
Solo, Pair Participation Fee 5.500 Japanese yen per person
Group 3 or more participants participation fee 1 person 5.000 Japanese yen

-Dance video works (above 1-7 all genres allowed)
1. Original Choreography
2. Creation of original film works with dance theme
11.000 Japanese yen per work

●Dance drawing (above 1-7 all genres allowed)
Anyone who likes dance and art can participate!
5.500 Japanese yen per piece

◆About the rights of the organizing committee

1. The Organizing Committee owns all rights to the match. (News interviews, recordings, recordings, live broadcasts, filming, printing, production and sales of audio/video works, etc.)
2. The Organizing Committee has the right to film, interview, broadcast, record and record participating players during the competition, for which no reward will be given to the players.
3. Participants must resolve all other copyright issues related to composition, choreography and production. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for copyright issues.
4. the competition judges an international convention, there may be an increase or change.

This competition unites the world of arts around the world, after the outbreak of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), overcoming difficulties together, deepening friendship, supporting the development of young dancers in each country and the dance groups of each country, We will create art together with artists from various countries and non-artists, and we will increase the number of people who like art, become interested in learning art, and increase the influence of the art sphere.
We will help more talented artists develop their art!