Content of Competition

The organizing committee of the IUCDC competition just met today and decided that due to the re-spread of the epidemic around the world, many schools could not work normally and shoot video of the competition. Everyone strongly requested that the competition be postponed. The organizing committee decided to postpone the event for two months.

"After feedback from famous institutions, everyone strongly requested that the competition decided to add a children's group, a 4-5-year-Baby group, to create a shining stage for the latecomer starlets to publicize, promote and carry forward the development of dance career. I hope that schools will submit some excellent works, so that countries around the world can exchange and learn from each other"

Participants should send a total of 2 photos (one photo of dance painting/dance creative photo) and 1 video of dance.

[Remittance bank]

Bank name: Sumitomo Mitsui Bank (SWIFT code: SMBC JP JT)Kamioka Branch
Account number: 566-7333735
Account Name: International Baba Shoryong Co., Ltd.
※Please enter the names of participants and participating organizations.


◆ Participation qualifications

  1. All athletes must strictly comply with the regulations governing the organizing committee of the Games.
  2. Dancers from all countries and regions can participate.

◆ Contest by age group

Ballet, contemporary dance, contemporary dance and lyrical dance, Chinese dance, world folk dance, sports dance, rhythm dance, dance painting, dance creative photography, social dance international style, international salsa dance

Ballet, Chinese dance, modern dance (divided into groups of professionals and dance lovers, who can challenge professional groups)

Baby Born from September 30, 2015 to September 29, 2017 (4-5 years old)
Prejunior (A) Born from September 30, 2013 to September 29, 2015 (6-7 years old)
Prejunior (B) Born from September 30, 2011 to September 29, 2013 (8-9 years old)
Prejunior (C) Born from September 30, 2009 to September 29, 2011 (10-11 years old)
Junior (A) Born September 30, 2006 - September 29, 2009 (12-14 years old)
Junior (B) Born September 30, 2003 to September 29, 2006 (15-17 years old)
Senior (A) Born from September 30, 1990 to September 29, 2003 (18-30 years old)
Senior (B) Born on September 29, 1990 (age 30 or older, no upper limit)

◆ Dance paintings (all dance types)

◆ Dance creative photos (all dance types)

Please submit your works to the contest after taking pictures in high definition.

◆ Schedule

Registration time: January 18, 2022 - August 28, 2022
Date: September 18, 2022 - September 28, 2022

August 28, 2022: Registration closes around the world
September 18, 2022: Announcement of the list of all contestants
September 18 to 26, 2022: Final of each dance division
September 28, 2022: Announcement of the winners
※Note: During the above activities, the schedule may change depending on the number of participants.

◆ Time regulations for all dance programs

◆ Regulations on the order of participation and shooting

  1. The order of participation of participants is the order of age.If they are paired, the order of participation of women will be the same.
  2. Please use the theater or home video to shoot the video in the living room, dance studio, etc.You can take pictures centered on dancing, move left and right, zoom in and out.
  3. Videos taken from January 30, 2020 to March 28, 2022.It can also be filmed at theater rehearsals, actual performances, and competitions.
  4. Please take pictures horizontally of all works.The file size must not exceed 200M.
    Chinese participants recommend QQ when uploading videos.Do not use Baidu.
  5. Participants should wear leotards, practice costumes, or costumes.You need to put on makeup (natural makeup~stage makeup).
  6. Full nude shows are prohibited.
  7. Athletes from all over the world, regions, and non-professional schools can participate in the professional challenge competition.

◆ About music

Please solve the music copyright issue by yourself.

◆ Evaluation

  1. Concert organizers invite internationally renowned dancers as judges.The judges obey the rules and regulations established by the committee.
  2. Judges are divided into professional groups and dance lovers groups.
  3. The evaluation standard is 100 points.
  4. According to the rules of the examination committee, there may be more than one winner in the contest or there may be no applicable winner.
  5. The decision of the Review Committee shall be the final decision.

◆ Award ceremony, prize money presentation

  1. After the final, the organizing committee of the contest will announce all the winners' lists (entry numbers, names, and prize numbers) on its website to prevent falsehood.
  2. Winners of the tournament will receive electronic certificates with all judges' autographs.All participants will receive a certificate of participation and an electronic version of the competition brochure.
  3. (Example :exemption from examination fees and rent, provision of tuition for short-term study abroad, etc.)These are determined by national organizational committees, dance associations, dance funds and judges. The organizing committee may announce on its website that the organizing committee will provide additional scholarships and services to the winners.We plan to increase it according to the situation on the spot.
  4. The contest includes the following awards:
    Special Judges, Best Male, Best Female, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Excellence, Expression, Best Classic Ballet, Best Contemporary Dance, Best Group, Best Education, Best Teacher, Best Cholography, Best Picture, Best Photo, Organizing Committee.
    If you register more than 20 contestants, you will receive a special support certificate from the organizing committee.
  5. The organizing committee will award prizes and certificates to the winners.All finalists will be awarded a certificate of participation in the finals by the organizing committee.The organizing committee will deduct the tax on the players' prize money on behalf of them and pays the tax.


If there are multiple winners, the prize money will be divided equally by the number of winners.The organizing committee may offer additional scholarships and services to the winners.We plan to increase it according to the situation on the spot.All interpretations belong to the IUCDC International Cloud Dance Competition Organizing Committee.

◆ Cost of participation in the tournament

  1. Ballet
  2. Chinese Dance
  3. Contemporary dance, lyrical dance
  4. Folk Dance of the World
  5. Ballroom Dance International Style (Standard, Latin Dance)
    ⇒Solo, pair participation fee: 12,000 Japanese yen per person
    Group dance fee for 3 to 5 participants8,800 Japanese yen per person
    Group dance costs for 6 to 10 people7,700 Japanese yen per person
    Participation fee for more than 10 people 7,000 yen per person
  6. Rhythmic Dance
    (Hip hop, rock dance, shock dance, break dance, hip hop dance, reggae, clown dance, jazz dance, pull-up exercise, aerobics)
  7. International Salsa Dance
    ⇒Solo and pair participation fee: 5,500 Japanese yen per person
    Group of 3 or more participation fee: 5,000 yen per person

● Dance video work (all dance types)

  1. Original Cholography
  2. Creation of original dance-themed video works
    12,000 Japanese yen per work

● Dance paintings (all dance types)

● Dance creative photos (all dance types)

Anyone who likes dancing and art can participate!
5,500 Japanese yen per work

◆ About the rights of the contest organizing committee

  1. The organizing committee owns all rights to the game.(News interview, recording, recording, live broadcast, photography, printing, production and sale of sound and video works/products, etc.)
  2. The Organizing Committee shall have the right to photograph, interview, relay, record, and record participants during the competition, while no compensation shall be paid to them.
  3. Participants must solve all other copyright problems related to composition, choreography and production by themselves.The organizing committee is not responsible for any copyright issues.
  4. Contest judges have international practices and are subject to increase or change.

After the outbreak of COVID-19, we overcame difficulties and held this competition together with the art world around the world.This will deepen friendship with each other and also support the development of young dancers and dance groups in each country.Together with artists from all countries and regions and those who support us, we will promote artistic creativity, deepen our knowledge of art and promote it to a higher level.
We support talented artists to develop art!