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Due to the coronavirus infection in some countries, dance schools could not start normally, and the participants' activities were difficult, so it was decided to postpone the competition, which was reviewed on October 28 and published on November 5. As a result, the list of players will be published on the official website on October 26. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.

Thank you for participating in this world's biggest international dance competition. Let's show the world everyone's dance.

For artists who love art and dance, we created a new era of art exchange and innovation around the world. We have created a place where artists can demonstrate their art so that more people and people who love art can participate together. After the outbreak of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the world, let's all countries, dance foundations, dance associations, international competitions, dance schools, and dance groups join together to contribute to the development of dance art! And let's further develop the world dance business.

This contest will be held jointly by all supported dance foundations, dance associations, international dance competitions, dance schools, and dance teams.

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