List of Event participants for IUCDC 2020

What's New

Dear participants, teachers who gave us guidance, parents who cooperated with us, and about 1,000 people from each country participated in this contest.
There may be some problems when downloading the submitted participants' videos, etc., and it may not be possible to download normally, but we are always responding.
The contest organising committee decided that, in order to guarantee that each contestant could participate in the competition fairly and equally, the initial stage was extended for two weeks.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

International United Cloud Dance Competition Secretariat

For artists who love art and dance, we created a new era of art exchange and innovation around the world. We have created a place where artists can demonstrate their art so that more people and people who love art can participate together. After the outbreak of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the world, let's all countries, dance foundations, dance associations, international competitions, dance schools, and dance groups join together to contribute to the development of dance art! And let's further develop the world dance business.

This contest will be held jointly by all supported dance foundations, dance associations, international dance competitions, dance schools, and dance teams.

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