1・Japan's Komaki Ballet 75th Anniversary Performance Participated in
CSA5	S472
2・The 2nd International Ballet Competition of Outer Mongolia, participation in the right and free registration fee package accommodation
BSA60	S684	BSA29	S467	BSA11	S211	BSA18	S417	BJA30	S292
3・The 2nd China Xiamen International Ballet Competition, Participate in Rights and Free Registration Fee Package
BSA71	S695	BJA17	S174	BJA55	S177
4・NAMUE Finals Nagoya Finals, Participation Rights and Free Registration Fee
BPA58	S531	BPB61	S429	BPC32
BPA51	S493
BPA19	S111
6・RDGP China Dance Competition, Participation Rights and Free Registration Fee Package Accommodation
BJA42	S456	BJA57	S448
7・Shanghai Ballet Study, 1 Week Accommodation
BSA9	S178	BSA30	S469	BSA24	S462	BSA7	S157
8・Tianjin Ballet , Study, 1 Week Package
BSA28	S466	BSA23	S452
9・Beijing Contemporary Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Modern Dance Learning Training 1 Week Free
CJB10	S580	CJB2	S131	CSA4	S438	CSA13	S650	CSA1	S176
10・2021 Korea international ballet, direct to the final power
BJB16	S244	BSA60	S684	BSA29	S467
BJB19	S252	BSA18	S417	BSA71	S695
BJB33	S442
11・2021 Korea WBGP International Ballet Grand Prix Seoul Station, No Registration Fee, Master Class Fee
BJB8	S151
12・2021 Korea WBGP International Ballet Grand Prix Busan, No Registration Fee, Master Class Fee
BJB19	S252
13・2021 Japan WBGP International Ballet Grand Prix Nagoya, No Registration Fee, Master Class Fee
BPB44	S269
14・2021 United States WBGP International Ballet Grand Prix New York, free of entry fee, master class free
BSA60	S684
15・2021 Singapore WBGP International Ballet Grand Prix, Free Registration Fee, Master Class Fee
BPB61	S429
16・2021 Russia WBGP International Ballet Grand Prix Finals Moscow, right to enter, free of registration fee, master class fee
・2021 Japan WBGP International Ballet Grand Prix Nagoya, with registration fee of USD 100
BPB27	S107	BPC43	S191	BPC27	S136	BPC35	S147
BJA28	S267	BJB39	S468	BJB46	S549	BJB2	S094
BJA9	S125
・2021 World WBGP International Ballet Grand Prix, direct to the finals
BPC39	S172	BJA16	S173	BJA8	S057	BJB44	S535
BPC35	S147	BJA43	S457	BJA9	S058	BJB5	S148
BPC75	S494	BJA44	S528	BJA10	S064	BJB18	S251
BPC29	S138	BJA1	S013	BJA11	S067	BJB7	S150
BPC89	S743	BJA19	S185	BJA16	S089	BJB48	S553
BPC63	S337	BJA51	S749	BJA17	S090	BJB31	S420
BPC36	S153	BJA54	S753	BJA29	S162	BJB22	S263
BPC90	S752	BJA41	S445	BJA49	S210	BJB38	S461
BPC73	S489	BJA3	S117	BJA61	S298	BJB20	S260
BPC58	S301	BJA49	S744	BJA62	S306	BJB51	S576
BPC33	S142	BJA23	S190	BJA66	S353	BJB57	S615
BPC26	S135	BJA14	S170	BJA67	S379	BJB17	S246
BPC47	S214	BJA4	S118	BJA68	S380	BJB35	S458
BPC37	S156	BJA13	S167	BJA81	S509	BJB40	S479
BPC28	S137	BJA5	S119	BJA82	S514	BJB15	S212
BPC65	S340	BJA6	S120	BJA85	S526	BJB37	S460
BPC88	S708	BJA15	S171	BJA90	S542	BJB42	S496
BPC1	S009	BJA30	S292	BJA93	S579	BJB32	S421
BPC7	S036	BJA10	S127	BJA42	S192	BJB54	S582
BPC62	S332	BJA51	S223			BJB67	S742
BPC71	S476	BJA52	S236			BJB27	S401
BPC25	S109	BJA18	S180			BJB34	S447
BPC24	S105	BJA11	S128			BJB49	S554
BPC67	S441	BJA22	S188			BJB50	S556
BPC22	S072	BJA48	S713			BJB12	S175
BPC34	S143	BJA7	S123			BJB62	S726
BPC30	S139	BJA8	S124			BJB13	S181
BPC64	S339	BJA32	S350			BJB41	S481
BPC40	S182	BJA12	S129			BJB61	S725
BPC49	S233	BJA26	S235			BJB60	S724
BPC66	S345	BJA46	S706			BJB65	S729
BPC50	S237	BJA39	S432			BJB64	S728
BPC78	S520	BJA20	S186			BJB66	S730
BPC42	S189	BJA37	S404			BJB47	S552
BPC51	S273	BJA33	S351			BJB26	S381
BPC41	S184	BJA21	S187			BJB63	S727
BPC54	S281	BJA40	S433			BJB3	S130
BPC45	S200	BJA25	S234			BJB4	S132
BPC72	S487	BJA34	S398			BJB10	S164
BPC38	S169	BJA35	S399			BJB11	S165
BPC44	S194	BJA36	S400			BJB14	S196
BPC46	S208	BJA47	S712			BJB43	S497
BPC53	S275	BJA29	S290			BJB52	S577
BPC55	S282	BJA50	S745			BJB58	S616
BPC83	S599	BJA31	S342			BJB36	S459
BPC86	S608	BJA9	S125			BJB29	S416
BPC22	S072	BJA46	S203			BJB28	S415
BPC70	S474	BJA47	S206			BJB21	S261
		BJA3	S021
		BJA4	S033
		BJA6	S035
・2021 World WBGP International Ballet Grand Prix, direct to the finals
BSA21	S443	BSA65	S689
BSA14	S250	BSA66	S690
BSA58	S682	BSA15	S256
BSA59	S683	BSA17	S414
BSA12	S213	BSA67	S691
BSA46	S670	BSA32	S578
BSA47	S671	BSA31	S538
BSA44	S668	BSA63	S687
BSA1	S004	BSA70	S694
BSA25	S463	BSA69	S693
BSA20	S439	BSA68	S692
BSA38	S662	BSA64	S688
BSA82	S723	BSA61	S685
BSA40	S664	BSA73	S714
BSA30	S469	BSA74	S715
BSA11	S211
BSA26	S464
BSA39	S663
BSA43	S667
BSA45	S669
BSA75	S716
BSA48	S672
BSA35	S659
BSA41	S665
BSA2	S005
BSA37	S661
BSA53	S677
BSA83	S731
BSA51	S675
BSA79	S720
BSA78	S719
BSA50	S674
BSA87	S735
BSA36	S660
BSA54	S678
BSA52	S676
BSA49	S673
BSA88	S736
BSA80	S721
BSA84	S732
BSA81	S722
BSA42	S666
BSA85	S733
BSA76	S717
BSA86	S734
BSA34	S651
BSA57	S681
BSA56	S680
BSA89	S737
BSA90	S738
BSA92	S740
BSA91	S739
BSA77	S718
BSA93	S741
17・One Week Concentration Free Training Scholarship at Yan Ballet Academy Singapore
BPC69	S455	BSA12	S213
BPC47	S214	BSA11	S211

BJA53	S751
BJA52	S750
BJA16	S173
BJA14	S170
BJA2	S091
BJA41	S445

BJB37	S460
BJB27	S401
BJB34	S447
BJB36	S459
18・One-week exchange study program at Mongolian Folk Dance Hun Theatre, Free Scholarship for Further Education
CHSA6	S586	CHSA1	S199	CHSA8	S589	CHSA9	S698
19・Cai Yilei International Ballet Masterclass, free of charge for three days
BPA48	S486	BPB70	S483	BPC75	S494
BPA18	S106	BPB28	S108	BPC36	S153
20・Tokyo Hua Dance School 2022 Participated in the power of Chinese Chinese New Year Gala in Japan
CHSA2	S482
CHSA8	S589
21・Liaoning Ballet Dance School Affiliated to 1 week (Free)
BPC68	S454		BJA19	S185
BPC40	S182		BJA23	S190
BPC42	S189		BJA18	S180
BPC41	S184		BJA22	S188
			BJA20	S186
			BJA21	S187
			BJB13	S181
22・Qingdao Jiahuang Zhongga International School Ballet Professional Scholarship, one month of free accommodation,

completed from September to December 2021

BJA41	S445
BJB15	S212
23・Invitation letter to participate in the Japan Rhythm Sports Dance Association, the National Congress, Kobe: 2021/3/21
DPB2	S357	DPC11	S369	DJA3	S373	DJB2	S555